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You're the best at what you do. Isn't it time everyone knows it?

You’ve built yourself a business that’s generating revenue, and your reputation is exceptional.
But when it comes to sending people to your site, you hesitate. Because website shame is real.

We got you.

Check out the benefits of partnering with the WanderWeb:

WordPress Website Design to help you scale

Business Strategy so you meet your goals

Get found with Search Engine Optimization

Erika Bloom, CEO of Bloom In Clean says:

Bloom in Clean’s new website truly does represent us and how we can help people. The website images are gorgeous, the store is seamless, onboarding clients has freed up so much time and we even have automated systems in place. I have so much more time to grow my business. I highly recommend the WanderWeb!

Our signature process blends business, marketing + websites to make people stop, look, and listen.

Hi, I’m Corey, a WordPress Design Expert, Business Strategist, and founder of the WanderWeb.

We build websites that attract the right visitors and inspire them to take action, with baked-in systems that save you time and money.

Because here’s the thing:  We believe website design and business strategy belong together.

We don’t just do a deep dive, whip up a website, and call it a day. My team and I help busy business owners like you to get traction and make your business run better.

Think of us as your full-service agency with one point of contact (that’s me!).   We’ll become your marketing team, content strategists, and creative directors, so no business goal is off-limits.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for mesmerizing the masses.


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Our signature four-step process combines business strategy, marketing, and online systems to position you to stand out online and grow a tribe of diehard customers along the way.

Step 1


 We learn as much as possible to laser focus on your business goals, marketing objectives, industry, competitors, and marketplace.  

Step 1

Step 2


We blend business strategy and digital marketing to design a customer journey that achieves your goals. 

Step 2

Step 3


Your website will drive measurable results, dominate your market, and beat your competitors to the punch.

Step 3

Step 4


We stay with you to partner on business, marketing, and online systems, so you are always ahead of the curve.

Step 4

When we partner together,
you'll be the talk of the internet.

"Within months of getting our new website, we began getting new client calls from across the country."​
Jillian T.
ClearPoint Capital
"Corey created a website that actually functions to enhance my business."​
Kevin B.
Computer Doctor of Maine
"Corey helped me brainstorm some of the first steps with vision for both long and short term goals, and gave me genuine advice that is worth its weight in gold."
Brooke P.
Brooke Trout Designs

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