Roadmap Planning for a Successful 2022

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Reflections for a Successful 2022!

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It’s that time of year again: Happy 2022 Planning! That exciting moment when we get to open a fresh planner and break it in with new ink. Can’t you smell the crisp pages waiting to be filled with goals, brainstorming, and action plans asking to be made?

Before getting too excited about next year’s goals, be sure to set aside adequate, undistracted time to look back at what worked and what didn’t this year, so you can set your intentions for a happy, successful 2022 in two simple (but not easy) steps!

Want some bonus points? Block time on your calendar to do this quarterly.


Create your “To Do” list for 2022

Take a second to think about if you could set one wild dream for your business, what would it be? What steps would you take to get there? What setbacks have you had in the past trying to achieve this goal? What would/ could you do differently?

Ask yourself:

  • Is my value proposition resonating with my customers?
  • What are clients asking for that we can’t easily provide right now?
  • If we freed up time, are there other goals are activities that we would be free to pursue that are more valuable?

Then, pick the top 3 Focus areas:

  • Focus area 1: Address a current limiting factor
  • Focus area 2: Seize one of your biggest opportunities
  • Focus area 3: Mitigate one of your greatest threats
Plan for A Successful 2022


Make it fun! Grab this as an opportunity to get a cup of coffee and really think about achievable goals and steps to get you closer. Then, write down the steps to get you there and slay them one by one.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Add 5-7 new clients every month
  • Create passive income with an online course
  • Start a referral rewards program
  • Hire a team member to support the new, great offer you are creating


Your “To Not Do” List for 2022

Just as important as our “To-Do” list, we need a “Do Not Do” list.

Burnout is a real thing for us high achievers. To not exhaust yourself and your team, reflect on your previous year’s efforts, looking at what worked and what didn’t.

Ask yourself: What have you been doing that you won’t do anymore?
Are you paying for a subscription, membership, or resource that didn’t give you adequate ROI?
When you look at your customer base, are there specific characteristics you prefer to avoid?
Or perhaps you’ve put yourself last and need to prioritize not overscheduling (OOH pick me!!)

Here are some examples of “Do Not Do” list items:

  • No working on weekends or holidays (this is my personal resolution)
  • Do not check email after 6 pm
  • I will review each item on my to-do list and delegate it if possible

Or, to make it a little more positive, you could word it like this:

  • I will schedule at least one screen-free day each month
  • I will hire more help when needed (bonus points if you set a benchmark; ours at WanderWeb is 80% capacity = evaluate position)
  • I will improve efficiency by writing down the steps of one workflow each month
  • I will prioritize personal development by reading a business book for 15 minutes each day
  • I will expand my network by joining one community networking program that my ideal customer participates in

Make a list of at least three items to your “do not do” list or things you can add to positively affect your business and yourself. Then, write them down and post them where you can see them.
Don’t wait to take action on these items! It’ll pay dividends in the long run!

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