Happy 2nd Birthday WanderWeb (surprise inside)

WanderWeb Web Design and Business Strategy celebrates 2 years

I created WanderWeb in 2019 as a dream and have been amazed (and thankful!) to watch us evolve to a successful business and a leader in our community- and it’s all because of you. So let’s celebrate!

Because this month WanderWeb turns two years young!!! ??

So many of you know that I grew up in Canada ?? and moved to the USA ?? where I met Mr. WanderWeb, and have never looked back. I can’t wait to share more of my adventures, life, and travel with you all! Thank you to each of you for supporting the dream.

​This is my way to give back to you all for the support that you’ve shown. Sarah, Landon, Caitlin, Kelli, Julian, and I can’t wait to keep building this community. ⠀

As you know, we are allll about offering value week after week (after week).

So in honor of our 2nd birthday, we are taking it next level and will share our favorite business tools over the next weeks.

The ones that have helped make WanderWeb successful.

The tools we use and recommend to WanderWeb clients on the regular.

​We’ll also be sharing some free stuff and a ➡️️➡️➡️ very exciting announcement.

Stand by!

You’ll be happy you did!⠀

In the meantime, check out out this blog post on how you can measure your website’s return on investment. It’s one of my favorites.

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