4 Tips to Making a High Converting Opt-In Page

4 Tips to Making a High Converting Opt-In Page

There are two types of people in the world: those who are converted by high convert opt-in pages and those who aren’t. So we’re going to share our top four tips about creating high-converting opt-in pages that convert more of your own audience into subscribers!

First, what is an opt-in page? It is a landing page created to collect contact information, such as emails, names, phone numbers, etc., for something valuable in return. It could be an ebook, newsletter, coupon, discount code, or anything else.

High Converting Opt-In Page


Here are our top four tips for creating a high-converting opt-in message:

  1. An attractive offer – provide something of value to your customers.
  2. Eye-catching headline – Take your time crafting something compelling. The headline will be the first thing your customers see, so make it good!
  3. Clear subheadings – While the headline will bring the customers in, the subheadings should explain the offer in clear and concise terms.
  4. Strong Call to Action – The final step is guiding your customers to fill out the information you want. Making it simple for them to leave their name, email, or phone number for you to follow up with!
4 Tips to Making a High Converting Opt-In Page- Social

A common mistake people make when creating their CTA (call to action) is using a generic button phrase. Such as “contact us” or “get started.” If you really want your CTA to stand out, try using phrases like “get your free goodie” or “send me my coupon”. Something a little different that makes your customer excited!

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