How To Measure Your Website’s ROI

Is Your Website Profitable

Our number one question we ask our clients is, Is Your Website Making You Money? Your website is an investment to your business, just like any other. Measuring the ROI of your website can be tricky though. Deciding what KPI’s to measure, what tools are necessary and which are not worth it. And what is an accurate way to measure ROI, because it’s not always straight dollars! 

This is where we shine.  Inbound Digital marketing has this amazing power to be targeted, personal, dynamic and instantly effective. From beautiful digital ads and emails to well-honed, tested strategies and marketing plans, your personalized marketing solutions will get results. We geek out and make sure you get measurable, meaningful solutions that grow your business. 

WanderWeb’s Analytic Package includes tracking your:

  • SEO
  • Site Tracking
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Social Media 

With more add ons! We love to discuss business goals with our clients and set measurements based on our discovery in what KPI’s are most important for your business. 

Analytics Package


The key is to carefully consider the different ways that your website contributes to your organization and then quantify that contribution. WanderWeb uses a combined measurement of  business strategy with digital marketing so you have a tangible return on investment. We help make your business easier and more profitable!

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