Avoid These Pitfalls When Creating Your Google Business Profile


Building on the insights of the past few weeks, where we explored the dos of optimizing your Google Business Profile, it’s now time to navigate the pitfalls—the don’ts.

Google has strict guidelines in place, and following these rules is critical to making sure you don’t get suspended (we’ll share how to handle that next week).

Let’s start strong with review spam, AKA fake reviews.

No Fake Reviews: Google is cracking down on fake reviews and review manipulation. Avoid incentivizing customers to leave positive reviews or posting fake reviews yourself. We share best practices for getting reviews here.

Corey Daigle, Founder WanderWeb Websites and Search Engine Optimization

Pro tip?

Your competition’s fake reviews can be reported to Google, and at WanderWeb, we handle this task for our clients regularly. 

Steer clear of Keyword Stuffing: Just like in website SEO, packing your business name or description with keywords is a major faux pas. Stick to your genuine business name and avoid adding superfluous keywords that go against Google’s guidelines. So, scratch “Joe’s Plumbing: Leak Detective – Pipe Whisperer – Drain Guru – Plumbing Pro” off your list of potential names.

Don’t Misrepresent Your Business: Be honest and accurate in representing your business on Google. Providing false information about your services, location, or business hours can lead to suspension and a loss of trust from potential customers.

Steer Clear of Prohibited Content: Google prohibits certain types of content, including offensive or inappropriate material, illegal activities, and content that violates intellectual property rights. Ensure your business profile complies with Google’s content policies to avoid penalties.

Keep Your Profile Current: Keep your Google Business Profile updated with accurate information, including business hours, contact details, and any changes to your services. At WanderWeb we update and add content weekly for our SEO clients, and recommend you do the same.

With new features like AI chat and alternative social media platforms, staying current can be overwhelming. And, while Google remains a key player for local businesses, exploring additional avenues will give you a competitive edge.

A robust online presence demands time and expertise; if you’re seeking support, WanderWeb offers comprehensive search engine optimization and web design services. Our ‘done for you’ services allow you to focus on what you do best – run your business.


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