4 Ways To Make Video Meetings A Little Less Awkward

Quick question: 

Which have you experienced during a video call? 

  • Talking over someone else
  • Not knowing who should speak next
  • Wondering what to do with your face while you are listening
  • Being distracted by your own image on the screen
  • Having the pupper begin to serenade the neighborhood

The best way I found to prevent awkwardness in the video is to be prepared for all the awkward moments. Here’s what to do on your next video call, so you look great and feel like a pro:

BACK IT UP! This is super simple and FREE! During your video calls, move back a bit, so your hands and torso are showing!

This way, people can see:

  1. You wave hello (This might sound silly, but the best way to build trust and connection is to start with a wave (and a smile).
  2. Your hand gestures. Did you know that people who use their hands are seen as more warm, agreeable, and energetic? Not sure what to do with your hands, Ricky Bobby? 

Well, you’ve got the wave down, right? 

Here are some tips for what to do with your hands during video meetings: 

  • Numerical hand gestures (for example, hold up one finger (NOT the naughty one) when you say “first.”
  • “Itty bit” hand gestures are super easy ways to incorporate too. 
  • Want to look like a boss? Do the hand steeple. 
  • Other easy gestures include weighing your hands like a scale and putting your hand over your chest (heart) when you are referring to yourself. 

Ninja trick put your hand over your chest whenever you are referring to something positive. 

Bonus points if you can get the group to participate in a virtual fist bump (I have yet to achieve this…)

Smooth moves, friend! 

Look at the camera, not the screen (we’ve got a hack for you)

While looking at someone’s face (or even your own!) during the video is natural, looking at your camera makes it seem like you’re looking directly at them- but this isn’t so easy to do, so here’s a hack:

Instead of maximizing the conference to full-screen, so everyone else’s image looks big on your screen, minimize the conference screen, and drag it up by your computer’s camera. This is an easy way to guarantee your gaze is pointed in the right direction.

Avoid Resting Video Face (here’s how!)

This tip isn’t just for the ladies (I’m looking at you, Kanye)

Did you know that people get Botox, fillers, and even surgery for this? Crazy town! 

Let’s make it easy (and pain-free) – just pull your cheeks up slightly (it doesn’t have to be all the way into a smile). This eliminates the appearance that you are frowning, so you appear approachable, interested, attentive, non-judgmental, and self-confident. 

Say NO to multitasking during video calls

Remember, when you’re not speaking, your camera is still on. It’s so (SO) tempting to respond to emails or browse social media while on a virtual meeting, but people will notice that you’re not fully paying attention. If you’re not sure if the meeting is worth your time, request an agenda before accepting it. Because it’s the WORST to be asked a question when you’re not prepared. Don’t be that guy.

Virtual meetings are as close to an in-person meeting as you can get. Be yourself, and have a little fun. 

Comment below, what tips and tricks do you have to make your video calls a success?

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