Canva- My #1 Online Design Tool

My #1 Design Tool

You know all those really cool graphics and videos you see on websites and social media? I bet a lot of them are created in Canva. 

If you haven’t heard of Canva yet, it’s a free graphic design platform that allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking designs like business cards, flyers,  and social media posts using a drag and drop interface.

Many professional designers dismiss Canva as a tool for amateurs, even referring to it as cheating. PSHAW I say.  No rules are broken here. 

Canva’s ready-to-edit design library is ginormous and, frankly, one of the best libraries of its kind. Need a header for a YouTube channel? Done. Need an infographic? Check. Need a quick Instagram post? Boom. Need an A4 menu template? Mic drop.

Canva- which I lovingly refer to as Graphic Design for Dummies (*I’m the dummy*)- is absolutely hands down my favorite tool to use and recommend.  

And the best news? It’s FREE (that’s right! Oh yeah!)

Check out Canva’s awesome FREE plan here

It does have some limitations- I use the pro plan for the extra folder organization features to keep everything organized, and love the transparent PNG option, but the free plan is fine for many business owners so try that first. 

PS- make sure to set a timer on your phone so you don’t travel down the Canva bunny trail and find yourself in your bathrobe covered in Cheeto crumbs at 3 am. Trust.

Enjoy my friends. 

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