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Roadmap Planning for a Successful 2022

Plan for a Successful 2022 Featured Image

Happy 2022 Planning! That exciting moment when we get to open a fresh planner and break it in with new ink. Can’t you smell the crisp pages waiting to be filled with goals, brainstorming, and action plans asking to be made?

Email Platforms to Avoid and Which are Worth Your Time

Don't Use This Email Platform

As a small business owner myself, I understand that each dollar spent must have a return on investment. Email marketing is an affordable way to build a relationship with your audience. Create loyalty with your customer by giving them value and insight to your business and expertise!

Top 2 Email Marketing Tips for Small Business

My Top Two Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing summarized:
Email marketing has an average return of $42 for every $1 spent
People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more
The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media

So you’re probably wondering, “How do I create emails my customers want to receive?”
Answers inside.

Turn Your Email Marketing From Blah Into Fantastic

Email vs Social Media

With 99% of consumers checking their email on a daily basis, and the average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media, I stand firm(ish- I am in my 40’s, so nothing is truly “firm”) that email marketing is a great solution for small business, and the most effective way to make sales online.
Here’s how.

Are you using the Value Pyramid [sustained growth found inside]

How to Sell Without Being Sales-y

We know purchasing decisions are influenced by a lot more than price… it’s all about perceived value. So how does an entrepreneur pin down what customers are looking for?

Today I am going to share a tool to help you create the best product in your market.

Canva- My #1 Online Design Tool

My #1 Design Tool

Canva- which I lovingly refer to as Graphic Design for Dummies- is absolutely hands down my favorite tool to use and recommend to quickly and easily create professional-looking designs for your small business. No experience required.

Small Business Apps that are Total Lifesavers

Lifesaving small business apps

A few weeks ago I shared my ride-or-die business tool, Dubsado. And it got me thinking. What other business tools do I use and recommend over and over?
So this week, I’m putting together a list of the things today’s entrepreneurs can’t live without and some outside-the-box applications on how to use them.

The CRM I use to run my web design business

The CRM I use to run my web design business

How I use Dubsado to run my business
From client management, contracts and forms, automation and workflows, sending invoices and getting paid, scheduling appointments, accounting and reporting.
All in one place.

6 Life Saving Books for Entrepreneurs [#4 is a game changer]

What's on my bookshelf

Finding the right book to read at the right time in your entrepreneurial journey is tough, so here are the tomes that made the most difference in starting my successful business. Because if you are going to spend the time, it’s got to be worth it.

Save Time with these FREE Trello Boards

Save Time with these FREE Trello Boards

Whether you are just starting your business or a distinguished mustached owner (I’m talking to you, ladies), there are amazing tools that can save you tons of time, so you can spend time on the things you’re *actually* good at.

Read on for four (4!) examples of how we use Trello, with ???? Trello boards to get you started.

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