Google Mobile Indexing and What You Need to Know

Google Indexing, Is It Something I Need to Know

As of March 2021, Google has switched to mobile-first indexing. Which means that Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content (AKA your website) for searches and ranking. So, if your website isn’t mobile optimized, you’re likely to be found on page two of the search results… (DUN DUN DUNNN).

Focus on the BIG Things

Focus on the Important Things

Most clients have no trouble coming up with a list of results they want to achieve. But once high-level business goals have been established, how do you make sure you reach them?

Why You Need LSI Keywords

Stay On Top of the SEO Game

Understanding what LSI keywords are is as important as how to use them effectively. You can improve the quality of your content, get higher search rankings and ensure users are finding you online.

Learn how LSI keyword strategies can play a role in your website’s success and how best to implement them.

These three website photograph tricks are a game changer!

Ninja Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

Here at WanderWeb, we specialize in SEO copywriting. But did you know we spend a LOT of time tweaking images for the websites we design?

In addition to making Google love you by tagging images for search engine optimization and considering site speed, we have to plan for landscape-style wide-screen computers and portrait-style mobile devices.

Answers inside!

How To Optimize Your Social Media Management

How to Improve Your Social Media Game

Entrepreneurs wear a million hats. You’re the CEO, HR department, Finance Director, Front and Back office personnel, and now you have to worry about Social Media Management too?!

You’re not alone, team WanderWeb is here to help! Our social media package optimizes your platforms to direct traffic back to your website! Helping with your organic search results and Google ranking!

Our Top 2 Easy SEO Tips for Beginners

Our Best SEO Tip

We always keep in mind when working with clients on their search engine optimization (aka SEO, or getting found on Google), to think of SEO as simple as – make it easy for Google to find the information you want to share with your potential clients or customers.

Start with your ideal customer and reverse-engineer the way to get in front of them. No gimmicks, just educated considerations. You got this!! (and if not, we’re always here to help).

How To Be Found Online in Your Area!

It's All About Location, Location, Location

The question we’ve all asked ourselves as business owners; How can we get better (organic) search results on Google??

We’ve referenced the Google Monster in a number of blogs in the past. Discussing everything from Meta Descriptions, Image tags and ALT tags (OH MY!!), to tips on navigating your organic search results through Google’s algorithm updates and more. Today we’re covering the topic of Location SEO, dun dun DUNNN!!

How To Measure Your Website’s ROI

Is Your Website Profitable

Our number one question we ask our clients is, Is Your Website Making You Money? Your website is an investment to your business, just like any other. Measuring the ROI of your website can be tricky though. Deciding what KPI’s to measure, what tools are necessary and which are not worth it. And what is an accurate way to measure ROI, because it’s not always straight dollars!

WanderWeb Sales Page Package

Just a Place Where People Can Find Me

The fact of the matter is that you’re losing potential customers if you do not have a website where they can find you, or if you have a website that is not user friendly/ mobile optimized. That’s lost profit, no one likes that!

WanderWeb Can Help Manage Your Google Ads!

Google Algorithm Update Say What

Our team can assist you run a successful Google Ad Campaign by helping you identify which keywords fit your business best and will not get you penalized! Meet with our team to identify your campaign goals and timeline and we’ll get started running and managing your ads.