How to Grow Your Local SEO Through Awesome Content

We hear the word “content” thrown around a lot in the Marketing world. But what does that actually mean? What counts as content in the digital world? Instead of confusing you with a long list of things that could be considered content, we’re going to share our top three recommendations for easy content that will organically grow your local SEO!

Whenever we meet with a potential client we always preach about the importance of quality photo and video assets. This is so important, not only because it makes your business look professional and polished to customers and people visiting your site. But also because Google will rank your site lower if it deems your content (in this case your images/video) low quality. Improving your photo and video content is a great way to organically increase your SEO on search engines! We work with one of the best photographers this side of the Mississippi – our friends at Story Silo Media. We highly recommend Sarah! Her images speak for themselves and her team’s professionalism is unmatched.

*Pro Tip* add alt tag captions to your images. Google will read those alt tags as keywords!

It’s no secret that we love blogging here at WanderWeb (I’m sure you gathered that reading this blog right now). The SEO value that blogs can bring is so valuable. You can litter your writing with keywords that show Google your authority on a certain topic. The more you write about this, and show Google that you’re an expert, the more likely they are to push your content to the top of a search. You can also use your blogs as recycled content for your social media, digital assets, emails, and so much more! We have many blogs on how to recycle your content on our website.

Asking for testimonials is one of the easiest ways to increase your authority on Google. It’s simple, the more reviews your website has = the more Google will push your website higher in search results. We have a whole series on best practices on asking for Google reviews! Lots of tips on things you can immediately start implementing to gain more reviews. Another great thing about testimonials and reviews, is you can recycle them into even more content! They make for great social media content and graphics.

Small steps can make big improvements when it comes to local SEO. What may seem like a silly task, like adding alt tag captions to all your website’s images, can make a big impact on your website’s SEO. Take a second to look at your website’s images, or look and see when the last time you received a review? Although some of these things may seem time consuming, they are great ways to organically increase your local SEO!


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