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Our Favorite Free Graphic Design Tool

Have you heard of the free graphic design tool that easily creates professional looking content and assets?! And did we mention, it’s FREE!

Canva allows you to quickly make business cards, flyers, social media posts (for multiple platforms), presentations, brochures, and so much more. Best part, it’s a drag and drop interface, and super user friendly!

Many professional designers dismiss Canva as a tool for amateurs, even referring to it as cheating. PSHHHH we say.  No rules are broken here! As an entrepreneur utilizing free tools and resources is essential.

If you have a Gmail account, you can create an account using that email and make it an easy sign up!

Some of our favorite features are the enormous photo gallery available to users. Including copyright free photos, graphics, GIFS, and free videos.

Another great feature is the ability to design a logo start to finish with simple and easy tools. Canva has many templates to help get you started. Once you pick a base, let your creative juices take over and customize til your heart’s desire! Check out Canva’s awesome FREE plan here.

Canva - Our Favorite Free Graphic Design Tool


It does have some limitations- we use the pro plan for the extra folder organization features to keep everything organized, and love the transparent PNG option, but the free plan is fine for many business owners so try that first.

PS- make sure to set a timer on your phone so you don’t travel down the Canva bunny trail and find yourself in your bathrobe covered in Cheeto crumbs at 3 am. Trust us…

Enjoy friends! 

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