Are You Using Your Email Marketing to its Full Potential?

Email Automation Made Easy

Your email list is one of your company’s most valuable assets. You’ve got a great product and you want to sell it, but getting in front of your customers can be hard. But your time is also valuable, and we understand that! 

We have many free resources that can help you amp up your email marketing game.

Something that can seem so small, like an email signature, can actually be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. 

With an average 40x return on investment, email marketing makes it easy to connect with existing and potential customers, while growing your business at the same time. Whether you’re sending out a newsletter, an ebook or coupons, email marketing is a great way to build up your customer database. WanderWeb makes it that much easier for you with a customizable landing page on your website! 

Email Automation Set-up


We will build you a landing page where you can collect as much or as little customer information as you’d like – name, email address, interest, etc.. You’ll have access to a platform where all your collected information is kept and organized. Take it a step further and segment your customer information into lists to target your efforts even more!

Email marketing can be such a powerful tool, and we could go on and on about it (and we usually do). We’d love to answer any questions you may have about how to get more out of your email marketing efforts!

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Here’s the link to a free 15- minute consultation to use or share.

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