4 Simple Email Rules

4 Simple Email Rules For You to Follow

I have said it before and I will say it again:

Copywriting is the most important strategy in marketing a successful business.

Copywriting is sales, or marketing, writing and it is very different from the writing you learned in school. Because nobody wants to read another college essay, Karen.

For example, when it comes to writing your sales/ marketing copy, spell check is necessary, but grammar… not so much.

This is the marketing hill I shall stand upon until cupcakes are offered. Or one of those fabulous gourmet donuts. Nobody is going to change my mind on this, and I won’t be taking questions. Thank you.

We’ve all wasted time trying to figure out what to say with words, and time is precious to us entrepreneurs.

So this week I am sharing four tips to easily up your copywriting game:

No 1. See ya later, GRAMMAR!

Correct spelling always matters, (thank you spell check! Avoid Miscellaneous Caps Because They Are Distracting.
But for just about everything else. Throw the grammar rules out the (browser) window!
You can write in fragments. Get wild and end a sentence with a preposition if you want to!
Use contractions whenever possible, so you don’t sound like a robot.

email rules you probably didnt know


No 2. Make it SKIMMABLE

  • Make it easy on human scanners (like really easy).
  • Use headings, bullets, bolding, and white space.
  • Avoid big blocks of text.
  • Keep paragraphs to one main idea and 3-4 sentences max.
  • Keep sentences short and sweet.

A strong, impactful sentence can handle the pressure of being out there all by its lonesome.

No. 3 Throw some confetti with SPECIAL EFFECTS

Use parentheses for things you’d say under your breath (usually for a giggle). Use italics and bold for things you want readers to see no matter what – especially if they’re scanning (hint: they’re always scanning).
Some brands even use emoji’s and GIF’s.

No. 4 Sprinkle in your PERSONALITY



Read it OUT LOUD.

If what you have written doesn’t sound like something you would say, change it up. Because conversational-style is where it’s at.
And, according to studies (my studies), your content should pass the BFF test and say “I can SO hear you saying that.”

PS- We partnered with Maine Small Business Development Center to offer this free one-hour Email Like a Boss webinar which covers these topics in more detail. Enjoy!

Americas SBDC ME 4 Simple Email Rules

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