Your Email Signature – Here’s what to include!

Today we’re going to talk about a simple tool that is 

  • easy to implement
  • makes you look professional
  • shows your brand personality
  • connects with customers, and 
  • conveys that you are, in fact, legit

Hint: you do this DOZENS of times per day

How often do you read and reply to emails from your mobile phone? Probably very often. Most likely, you write some of your business emails from your smartphone too.

Your email signature is like handing a person a digital business card every time you send an email. It’s the perfect opportunity to brand every message you send while showing you are established. 

What to include in your email signature: 

Your photo – It will allow the person receiving the email to make a personal association and connection with you

Link to the things that matter

The ONE question I ask every client is “What are your goals?”, and then I reverse engineer how to get the desired result.

  • Want to drive traffic to your website or newsletter? Include your signup a convenient and quick action for the recipient to take.
  • Prefer to receive a call? link your company’s phone number so recipients can tap it to make a quick call.
  • Looking to build your social media presence? Social media icons that link to your channels makes great sense

Take ‘er next level: Customer testimonial to build trust.

Because so many emails get opened on mobile devices,  your awesome, well-crafted email signature might lose its charm completely when viewed from mobile unless you optimize it for it.

Here are a few ways you can get an email signature that makes customers stop and pay attention: 

  • Get a custom HTML email signature
  • Use a design software like Canva
  • Use a free signature creator like WiseStamp

Our mission is to help businesses grow. 

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