Eye Mapping and Website Design

Eye Tracking Can Improve Your Web Usability

Have you ever thought about how your eyes naturally navigate down a webpage? Which elements grab your attention or which areas you ignore without even realizing it?

There’s a word for this reading pattern in the tech world, it’s called Eye Mapping. 

One of the most well known eye tracking rhythms is the F-Shape Reading Pattern – this reading pattern starts by the user reading across the top line and then looking down the page a little, reading across again and then continuing down the left hand side of the page. 

With this reading technique in mind and the short attention spans of consumers, we have a few webdesign tips we’d like to share with you! 

How Eye Tracking Works


We always recommend you put the most important information within the first two paragraphs. Use fancy/ stand out fonts and bullet points to highlight the important information you want your readers to know. When you’re listing out points, steps or the action items, try using a bullet format. 

Adding images to your content is another way to break up the text and make the content easier for the reader to digest. This rule can be applied for short form content, such as a social media post, or long form, such as blogs or webpages. Keep in mind though, when designing your images try your best to avoid making them look like banner ads or pop ups. Users will immediately see them, think it’s an ad, and completely disregard it, missing all that valuable information you added! 

Helpful TipsThings to Avoid
Add bullet points where you canMaking long list in a paragraph
Add text that stands out when making an important pointBurying important information down the webpage
Add relevant images to help break up textAvoid images that look like banner ads

Next time you are looking at a webpage think about your reading habits, and how you skim the content. Then take a look at your own website. Is your important information in the reader’s eye line? Are the important details noticeable? Happy navigating!

Eye Tracking Can Improve Your Web Usablility social

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