Team Wanderweb’s Go-To Business Tools!

Team WanderWeb's Favorite Tools

Team WanderWeb works hard behind the scenes, so we thought you could get to know us a bit over the next month. 

WanderWeb’s mission is to help businesses grow and it’s the foundation for everything we do! Here’s each member of our team, their title and what their favorite go-to business tool (or tools) are! Leave us a comment with your favorite platform or tool! 



Founder WanderWeb Web Design and Business Strategy

I’ve mentioned time and time again my love for Dubsado! All the things I need to run my business in one spot! Not to mention it’s woman CEO Becca is amazing! Her customer support team is top notch! This super affordable platform is where I track client information, profit and loss sheets, questionnaires and more! 


Social Media Manager

Kelli Denley, WanderWeb Social Media Manager, Bangor Maine

If you haven’t used Trello before, now is the time to! I had never used Trello until I started working at The WanderWeb. Now it’s a tool that I use almost every day. It’s where I keep all my notes, posting schedules and more. Trello has many great tools to use, like a checklist, where you can cross things off your to-do list as you complete them (this is my favorite feature). There’s also an option to add a due date to your assignment, to keep you on track. You can add multiple team members to your card to collaborate, and attach PDF’s or images to keep everything in one place. The list goes on! 


SEO Copywriter, Operations Manager

Call me old-school, but I have to have a physical daily planner to write everything in each day. I carry it with me everywhere like an appendage. It keeps my brain biscuits straight in a way that apple and google can’t! 



I love to use Capture, it’s a great tool for capturing and annotating screenshots or videos. There are similar platforms out there, but I prefer this one if I just want to share a simple screenshot.

Next two tools are Ditto (for Windows) or Clippy (for Mac).  I always have a clipboard manager tool when working. This allows me to save text that I’ve copied so that I don’t have to go back and forth copying and pasting different texts.


Business Matchmaker

Loom has become my new best friend!  It goes miles in helping me build rapport with people – whether they become WanderWeb clients or not, having a friendly face chatting with them in a personalized email just makes people feel good.  It also gives folks a feel for who The WanderWeb is and if they would enjoy working with us, and that’s important!  More than anything we want to feel like we’re collaborating with new teammates on something great! 


Logo Maker

I have a few favorite tools! First is CalendarHero, an AI-based platform that is like an assistant who takes care of all of your calendars and meetings for you. It has literally saved me hours when scheduling meetings. 

Next is Krisp, eliminates background noise in video calls. Since I mostly WFH, the combination of kids, dogs, and a parakeet can make for quite a distracting symphony. With Krisp, the only thing that can be heard is my voice.

And lastly, Sendspark, which is basically an alternative to Loom and has really made collaborating with clients more personable. It also really helps when we can’t do in-person or virtual meetings. 


Story Silo Media (WanderWeb’s sister company)

At Story Silo we love Canva! With thousands of professional templates, Canva allows me to save time when creating basic client assets. Then, with some tweaking and branding customization through the eyedropper tool, I can start working on the next project within minutes.

Great news! WanderWeb is currently accepting clients for web design and local search engine optimization, and we would love your referral.

Here’s the link to a free 15- minute consultation to use or share.

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