The Tool that Changed the Game

The Tool that Changed the Game

So anyone who has talked to Corey for more than 15-minutes knows she is absolutely obsessed with systems, organization, and efficiency.

Kind of like a connoisseur of getting sh*t done. 

…And waffles, she also really likes waffles. 

So what tool do we use to automate and systematize my service-based business?


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Dubsado is an entire suite of business tools that completely changed the way we run the WanderWeb AND saved time by freeing up 16 hours a week with automation, templates, and workflows m. Saved us money by eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple other software (bye-bye Calendly and DocuSign!) and prevent us from hiring someone before we are ready. AND our favorite CRM is having a sale!

Why we love Dubsado:

  • Woman CEO (Becca, you’re my boo)  
  • All the things I need to run the business is in one spot
  • Education and support is *chef’s kiss* amazeballs
  • It’s super affordable

Here’s how we use Dubsado CRM:

  1. All fillable (and embeddable!) forms and contract templates are stored and sent from Dubsado (they have a template library so you don’t have to recreate the wheel). Bye-bye DocuSign!
  2. Capture website leads, organize projects with tags and statuses, and stay on track with task boards (like Trello) for my team and me. 
  3. The workflows we built automatically trigger actions such as sending emails, completing tasks and creating invoices.
  4. We have automatic appointments and payment reminders personalized for each client.
  5. Invoicing and payments are all taken care of through Dubsado using Stripe. We have NEVER had a problem collecting payments (but this is probably because of our awesome clients- thanks, guys!).
  6. Scheduling on par with Calendly’s paid Pro Plan is included. 
  7. We track my profit and loss, transaction history, and outstanding invoices, see where leads are coming from, and keep track of the revenue generated.
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Treat yourself and your business You can try Dubsado for 14-days with no credit card required. The sale goes until 11/29/22c but if you happen to miss that window you can still use our code wanderweb to get 20% off.

Great news! WanderWeb is currently accepting clients for web design and local search engine optimization, and we would love your referral.

Here’s the link to a free 15-minute consultation to use or share.

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