Tis’ the Season to Give Back

Tis’ the Season to Give Back

Want to know something absolutely magical? Appreciations are so powerful that they can boost immune systems (true story)! A great way to achieve this is to give back to your community!

Don’t believe me? Check out the book Flourish by Martin Seligman.

And there are other benefits too!  Here are some reasons giving back to your community is a good business decision:

You’ll improve your community connection.

On top of supporting something you and your customers believe in, partnering with a charity expands marketing opportunities, helps the company better connect with customers, and creates important networking opportunities.

The charity can market for you (Yup. That’s right!)

If you decide a portion of products or services your business sells will go to a particular charity, it’s likely that charity will help you market those products.

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This is an easy, cost-effective way for small businesses to get their name out there and take advantage of another organization’s existing marketing infrastructure. Most charities today understand the practical reasons businesses get involved with charities and will do everything they can to create a return on your investment.

*Pro tip- pick a charity whose members include your BBF (Brand’s Best Friend)

And improve team and customer morale.

Company culture is vital, and your team will love working for a company that gives back. And your customers will also feel good about supporting a business that donates to charity. 

*Pro Tip: Involve employees in the charity decision-making process

To make the most out of your donations, find an organization that fits your business’s values. For a small business, it makes sense to pick a local group.

Here are a few local charities we like:

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    If you don’t have the funds to donate directly (we get it, it’s been a tough year!), here are some non-monetary ways to give back:

    • Volunteer: Instead of a monetary donation, companies can donate their time to a great cause. Volunteer as a company at a soup kitchen, charity run, or homeless shelter. 
    • A charity drive: Start a collection for a particular cause. Food and toy drives are popular around the holidays.
    • Donate online: Set up automatic donations through virtual giving platforms. You could even leave out a collection jar at your place of business.

    How are you going to support/give back to your community this holiday season?

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