How to Meet Your Business Goal(s) By Doing Less

Goal Setting with WanderWeb Website Design and Business Strategy Bangor Maine

Happy Holidays ☃️❄️? !!!

Do you know what the Holidays mean to us at WanderWeb? It’s a great time to start planning for the next year ?

This week, I’m asking you to start thinking about next year with this 30-Minute Goal Setting Exercise.

Why? Because without goals, your business is just operating instead of achieving. Goals provide a reason and a purpose to work hard because you know you are working toward something.

And, because BURNOUT IS REAL and nobody has time for that.

So, do this right now:

  1. Copy the below content
  2. Schedule 30 minutes on your calendar
  3. Paste the copied content into your calendar
  4. Drop the mic because you’re awesome.

30-Minute Goal Setting Exercise

✔️ Divide a piece of paper into two columns:

✔️ Column 1: What worked in the last 12 months

  • What got you excited.
  • What did you enjoy doing?
  • What did your customers love?
  • What made you money?

✔️ Column 2: What you need to improve/ didn’t work

  • Failures.
  • Frustrations.
  • Barriers to moving forward.
  • What should you stop doing in your business?
  • What tasks or processes are done that isn’t necessary for surviving through and thriving beyond the crisis?

✔️ What is your revenue goal for next year?

Pro tip: Write down your goals. When you write them down, your goals become clearer and you have something specific to work toward. In addition to this, when you write your goals down, you have something you can visibly see.

Looking at your brain dump, set one big goal to get you there (that’s right – ONE).

✔️ Break your big goal down to four mini goals (that’s one for each quarter!)

✔️ Now, ONLY focus on your first mini goal for Q1:

  • Break the goal into actionable TASKS (tasks can be done in one sitting- if it’s more complex than that, you need to keep breaking it down).
  • Just focus on Q1 for now. Keeping to 90 days will allow you to stay nimble and pivot.
  • Take those tasks and CRUSH them one by one.

Need some help clarifying your goals? Here at WanderWeb, we’re pros at synthesizing information and identifying actionable ways to move the needle on your business most effectively.

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