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Google Algorithm Update Say What

Happy New Year!!

With the new year comes new software updates – everyone’s favorite!! (kidding). It’s probably just our favorite.

At WanderWeb we consider our team to be kind of “tech-nerds”, which we embrace!  With new updates to our tools, means we get to learn new ways to optimize our processes for our clients! 

One big change that Google launched is the Vicinity Update. Google is now clamping down (even harder) on using correct key words in searches. Which will naturally make local search results more relevant to the user. This will benefit businesses by giving them greater visibility and chance to rank higher in relevant local searches. Without having to compete with similar businesses further away. 

The Sterling Sky data revealed that businesses using keywords (inappropriately) in their name have now largely seen a drop in search rankings. This is likely to be a win for the businesses who have consistently followed Google’s guidelines on keyword stuffing, and for those who have invested their time in fighting name spam. 

Confused? Don’t worry!! Our team can help you run a successful Google Ad Campaign by helping you identify which keywords fit your business best and will not get you penalized! 

Meet with our team to identify your campaign goals and timeline, then we’ll get started running and managing your ads! Let us worry about the impressions, ranking, optimization, etc. You have enough on your plate! 

Some action items you can do to your Google Business Account today to help your organic ranking are:

  1. Enter complete data
  2. Verify locations
  3. Keep opening hours accurate
  4. Manage and respond to reviews
  5. Add photos
How do I run a successful Google Ad Campaign


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