Google Mobile Indexing and What You Need to Know

Google Indexing, Is It Something I Need to Know

As of March 2021, Google has switched to mobile-first indexing. Which means that Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content (AKA your website) for searches and ranking. So, if your website isn’t mobile optimized, you’re likely to be found on page two of the search results… (DUN DUN DUNNN).

It’s important to note:

You cannot opt out of Google mobile indexing, and Google has already added you in without you having to manually do anything. Meaning, you should be thinking about our website and content, mobile first!

When planning out your content like – uploading photos, video, graphics, blogs, website load time, etc, be thinking, “how will this look to the viewer, is it mobile optimized? Will Google recognize this in their mobile indexing?”

Google Mobile Indexing and What You Should Know


We know, this sounds like a lot, but have no fear! The WanderWeb team is here! We have many blogs discussing how to make sure your website is mobile optimized. Google also has a tool to quickly test your website’s mobile-friendliness HERE.

In summary, don’t let your website scare away potential customers! People have become accustomed to expecting a mobile optimized website, and when your business doesn’t reflect that, they won’t be able to see your true awesomeness!

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