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The Google gods have released a new function: Google Web Stories. 

A client asked, so here’s an honest review- from your friendly local web developer.

I’m going to tell it to ya straight in two minutes or less.

But first, what the heck are Google Web Stories? I’m still wondering myself…

Basically, Web Stories are a website version of Instagram stories (I think???!)

Here are the instructions for creating a Google Web Story from Google: 

  1. Create the Web Story.
  2. Make sure the Web Story is valid AMP.
  3. Verify the metadata.
  4. Check if the Web Story is indexed.
  5. Follow the Web Story Content Policies.

Seriously??! This is my love language, and I just lost interest. I’m swiping left. 

Google Web Story Pros:

  • Google Stories look pretty good on Blogs. 
  • There is a slim chance that Google will feature your Web Story on mobile search engines. 
  • If your Web Stories are featured on Google’s mobile search engines, this could improve your SEO. 

Google Web Story Cons:

  • Creating Google Web Stories is clunky and time-consuming.
  • They will ONLY be listed on mobile devices search engines.
  • And, honestly, Google is just jumping on the Story bandwagon, and there is no guarantee this is even going to be a thing (remember Google Video? Neither do we).


Skip it for now but hang tight and keep an eye out.  

If Google Stories are a thing, trust there will be enhancements by developers to make it easier for you.

IMHO nobody needs another Story platform, so this is likely to go the way of the dodo bird. 

WANDERating:  One out of five ?

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