Three Easy Tips to Create Your Hero Message

Choose The Right Hero Message

What is a website hero message, and how can I be sure mine is effective? Well, great questions – let’s discuss!

A hero message is the statement that appears at the top of your webpage/ homepage. A well crafted message can seize the attention of your customers and entice them to explore your website further. The goal is to be clear, direct and keep it simple. 

Imagine you’re explaining your business to someone who has never heard of you before. You’d want to state the three most important things: 

  1. What you do
  2. Who you do it for, A.K.A Target Audience
  3. Why you do it

Let’s break these down even further… 


What You Do

What products do you sell, what service do you provide, and/ or what does your business do? When you answer these questions be sure to BE CLEAR and CONCISE.  The more you make your users think, the worse off you’ll be, especially online, where patience is thin and your competitors are just a click away. Make things easy for your reader, and if they’re interested they’ll keep reading. That’s when you can go further into detail about your company. 

Who Do You Do It For

A great hero message will speak to its target audience. Stating the demographic you’re trying to reach, gives your reader the chance to instantly imagine themselves in your world. Relate to your customer, make them think of themselves and they’ll relate to your product or service. We tend to be selfish by nature. Appeal to your customers “selfish side”. 

Why Do You Do It

When coupled with a compelling CTA, this blurb can be the most crucial part of your hero message. Take a look at your analytics (or let us take a look for you). What percentage of your visitors are first time viewers? It’s the new eyes that your hero message matters most too. 

If more than half of your website users are visiting for the first time, how you tailor your message becomes especially important. Ensure that the experience leaves zero confusion, because confusion leads to higher bounce rates and lost opportunities. Both of which we don’t want! 

Long story short, your hero message will either leave your visitors wanting more, or have them running into the (theoretical) arms of your competitor. Put some love into it, and as always if you need help let us know. Website stuff, it’s what we do! 

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