Holiday Gifts for that Busy Someone

Okay, folks, we are getting down to the wire…

Have you shopped for your favorite entrepreneur yet?

We’re a wily bunch. One might say rogue.

We do all the things: Entrepreneurs are the Leader, Visionary, Chief Decider, Financial Analyst, Marketer, Secretary, Customer Service Rep, HR manager…

How do you buy Holiday gifts for THAT? What do you gift to the person who needs TIME?

Here are my top 10 favorite things that I recommend over and over because they make my busy life easier and more productive.

Read on for more detail on potential Holiday gifts:

Calm This is the only app I have EVER paid for. Calm is a sleep, meditation, and relaxation app that is worth its weight in gold. My favorite feature is Sleep Stories- I’ve never heard the end of one ?. It’s my go-to last-minute gift.

Simplified Planner As a productivity junkie, I love a good day planner. This one is perfect.

Hunter Rain Boots My red Hunter rain boots are a favorite, but they come in dozens of colors (I’m eyeing the yellow ones hard). I’ve walked comfortably for days in them while staying dry during California’s torrential rains and Scotland’s heavy mists. I also accidentally wore them to my first fancy networking event (GAH!), but that’s a story for another day ?.

Ring Light with all the time we spend Zooming in front of a screen, good lighting is essential. A perfect gift. And you can get them as cheaply as $20.

Foam Roller Life changing. I joked with my friends at Wilcox Wellness and Fitness that had I known about foam rolling, I might not have gotten married (JOKING honey!).

Yoga Mat A perfect gift to accompany the Calm app, the foam roller, or just on its own.

Clarisonic face brush So back in my corporate days, I would pamper myself with a facial now and then, but these days getting to a spa is tricky. Hellooooo Clarisonic.

Diffuser with Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils Perfect for any desk. I diffuse a combination of peppermint for alertness and lavender because oooh la la.

Notebook with colored pens One never has enough.

Branding Photography session I, of course, recommend the fabulous Sarah Sullivan at Story Silo Media. Every entrepreneur needs branding, and images can be used over and over. You can’t go wrong.

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