Try These [NEW] & Safe Traditions This Holiday Season!

Tis the season for new holiday traditions

This holiday season has been extra hard here at the WanderWeb homefront- although my family lives just three hours away, a closed border separates us right now.

And it got me thinking… many of us won’t be celebrating our favorite holiday traditions this year. But since this holiday season will be slightly different from the rest, it’s a great time to begin a new tradition.

Team WanderWeb put together a few of our favorite ideas that can be done safely at home or just a short drive away.
These special moments are what make the holidays so wonderful, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Pick just one or two, but make a point to do them, be mindful, and live fully in the moment.

Team WanderWeb’s Favorite Ideas for Holiday Traditions:

  • Listen to Christmas music in the car while you look at holiday light displays WHILE wearing jammies and drinking hot chocolate.
  • Record a video of yourself reading a holiday story and send it to your littlest loved one. (This is what I asked my mom for this year… Yes, I am a middle-aged married woman. But I miss my mom with all my heart, so Gertrude McFuzz it is. Don’t judge).
  • Make a gingerbread house – there are so many cool kits available. Mr. WanderWeb and I made a gingerbread camper, and my best friend and business partner Sarah and I had a girl’s night and decorated a little village of houses together. So fun!
  • Watch a holiday movie while enjoying your favorite holiday treat (without your phone or computer within reach).
  • Write a holiday letter from the heart to someone you love.

And, of course, if you can, give back by helping a friend or neighbor in need. Shop local. Leave a positive review. Donate things you no longer need. A little goes a long way, especially now.

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