Holiday Traditions From the WanderWeb Team!

Holiday Traditions From Our Team

In honor of the holidays, this weekend each WanderWeb team member is sharing their favorite holiday tradition!


Our family tradition is to have an evening at home enjoying lots of appetizers and then driving around to see Christmas lights in matching jammies!

Kelli Denley, WanderWeb Social Media Manager, Bangor Maine


Every year we get together and make sugar cookies to decorate, which is one of my favorite things we do together. Another tradition our family does, we open up Christmas Eve boxes with pajamas, snacks and movies in them so we all dress in our jammies, eat junk food and watch Christmas movies together!


My holiday tradition is watching It’s A Wonderful Life and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I also cook a weirdly large amount of food, specifically my own cranberry sauce and many many buttery dinner rolls.

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I watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman, and just generally spend a quiet time with the family.


The Walk through Bethlehem in Camden is a tradition we do every year (and have for a generation or two). The historic church on Chestnut Street recreates Bethlehem around the time of Christ’s birth and gives an immersive live tour of the entire Nativity story. Definitely worth the trip. It’s also a chance for us to do a little last-minute Christmas shopping in Camden.


A warm fire, a cozy blanket and Christmas classics are the way to go!

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