Imposter Syndrome for Entrepreneurs

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This week’s blog is an exciting one. We’ve collaborated with one of our dear friends, Lee Sowles, Founder and Executive Director of Kind Mind. She’s sharing an important message that we at WanderWeb, think all entrepreneurs can benefit from (including ourselves). Enjoy!! 

“Have you heard of imposter syndrome?

When suddenly you have a moment of self-doubt, caving inward, maybe even cringing and questioning yourself, “who am I to be doing this?” 

Entrepreneurs out there, I know you can all relate. We are constantly questioning if we are good enough or if our messaging is right, or if we have the skills or education to be building a healthy business. This is one of those mind tricks that keeps people in their shells, not living in a way that feels purposeful, and not evolving.  

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome for Entrepreneurs


Do you want to know what I believe? I believe that if we all have the SELF-AWARENESS to recognize these intrusive thoughts, we can counter them with affirming messages to ourselves. From there, we build a stronger sense of confidence, purpose, and intention. 

The result? We get to share each of our amazing gifts with the world. We all have them, I want to live in a world where we all share them, and celebrate one another for what they contribute, big or small. 

Mindfulness meditation is what first helped me recognize how prevalent imposter syndrome was in my own life, and how much anxiety it caused…wasted energy! The more I practiced mindfulness, the more self-aware I became. The doubt still creeps in, but now I am able to remind myself that I am here with a vision, a purpose, and it’s worth sharing. 

My message to you today is that we can live with moments of imposter syndrome, and also remind ourselves of ALL THAT WE ARE.  We can recognize the very important role we play in the world. 

This week, BELIEVE in yourself. Remember that YOU MATTER. The world needs you.” 

Have You Heard of Imposter Syndrome

Lee Sowles

Founder and Executive Director of Kind Mind

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