How Does Keyword Research Affect My Content?

A complete SEO strategy works like a well orchestrated symphony. When all the instruments are playing in harmony, the orchestra sounds amazing. When one section is off key… well things get hairy. Now, we may not know how to play in a symphony at WanderWeb, but we do know a thing or two about how each part of the SEO strategy affects one another.

We talk a lot about keyword research and how that can affect your rankings on search engines. While this is true, keyword research is more than just the words you enter into the backend of your website. It’s also the words sprinkled across all your landing pages in your content/ copywriting.

Each page of your website should be carefully designed with all your
keywords in mind. keywords in mind.

Ask yourself:

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When building your content for each landing page on your website, try and have the consumers' searching habits in mind. There are five common types of internet search intent:

Copywriting is so pivotal when it comes to building a website. Don’t let not utilizing keywords be the reason your website falls low on search engine results pages. And as always, if you ever find yourself thinking “this is way too much for me to wrap my head around”, don’t worry – we got you covered! SEO stuff is like, kind of what we do! But if you’re interested in dipping your toes into keyword research, we have an awesome blog giving quick tips on where to start. No go forth and create awesome keyword rich content!

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