Small Business Apps that are Total Lifesavers

Lifesaving small business apps

A few weeks ago I shared my ride-or-die business tool, Dubsado. 

And it got me thinking. What other business tools do I use and recommend over and over? 

So this week, I’m putting together a list of the things today’s entrepreneurs can’t live without and some outside-the-box applications on how to use them. 

Trello for project management. Each team member has their own Trello board for work assignments, within which we communicate and track progress. We also plan our marketing (a year in advance!) with Trello. 

Trello outside-the-box: Make a board for your company guidebook and workflows. Snag the template we use for our WanderWeb company guidebook here.  

Want a year of social media ideas? You got it!

Canva (graphic design for dummies like me. Because nobody has time for Photoshop. Prove me wrong.) All WanderWeb social media graphics are created in Canva (thanks to Kelli, our Social Media Manager). Ebooks and website graphics too!

Canva outside-the-box: Canva has a social media scheduler! Check it out. 

Zoom- on top of all the great COVID-era stuff Zoom did to support the business community (free membership whaaat?) being able to create share-able screen recordings (did you know???), Zoom just introduced APPS.  ?????

Zoom outside-the-box: Use Zoom to record your screen while you narrate tutorials, or just a full-screen recording of yourself (hello Mom!) 

WordPress- every business needs a place to be found online, and we use WordPress because it’s free (FREE!) and scaleable. 

WordPress outside-the-box:  WordPress is where we house our blog (pretty standard) BUT THEN we repurpose it as social media and email content. It takes about two hours per week (a pro tip I got from Paige Wilcox from Wilcox Wellness and Fitness when I first started WanderWeb). We’re sharing how we do it in our upcoming Blog Like A Boss course. 

Honorable mention:

Wave- free accounting software, designed for entrepreneurs. Wave uses Stripe as a payment aggregator so you can brand your invoices and receipts. Collect online payments and track your business expenses.  It’s perfect for new entrepreneurs who want to look professional right out of the gate.

Note: what you gain in front-end functionality, you sacrifice in detail level reporting. As WanderWeb has grown, we have transitioned to using a Bookkeeper and QuickBooks, but Wave was a life-saver in our first year. 

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Lifesaving apps for your small business


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