Why You Need LSI Keywords

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What Are LSI Keywords?

Have you heard of LSI keywords? If not, this a tool you definitely need in your SEO arsenal. We’re here to teach you about how best to navigate the world of LSI keywords and make them work for you!

LSI keywords are related to your main keywords, but give them some extra punch with Google. They serve as extra clues that provide more context for search engines. But remember, they aren’t just synonyms.

So What Does This Look Like?

To give an example, we can think about how we search for things online. When you look for a shoe store you might type “shoe store near me”, “shoe store dance shoes”, or maybe “shoe store women’s”. These additional LSI keywords help search engines refine the results and get you the most relevant results.

If Google is able to understand your content better, then you will have higher chances to rank better.

SEO Are You Using This Key Strategy


Apple vs. apple is another example of how important LSI keywords are for your content and search engine location. Searching for “apple keyboards” and “apple pie” will get you very different results.

Without those LSI keyword additions, search engines won’t know if you’re searching for a snack or a new laptop.

Why LSI Keywords Are A Must

Strategically working them into your content helps your SEO and provides your website with a competitive advantage.

Let’s look at how and why they are such an essential aspect of your SEO today!

  • Helps Google determine how your content relates to the search terms
    By including related search phrases in your content, you give the search engines a better understanding of what your site is about.

It also allows Google to improve the match between what people search for and what they find. The emergence of LSI was designed to help searchers get answers to what they’re looking for.

More than ever before, topics build search engine results instead of just stuffing keywords. All the recognition provided by LSI keywords encourages SEO specialists to create and maintain quality content.

  • LSI keyword carries heavier weight than keyword density
    Keyword density is the number of times your keyword occurs in your content. There was a time when all Google cared about was keyword density to rank your page. This method became known as “keyword stuffing”. Google no longer likes this and can put your page at risk of getting a penalty. With LSI keywords, you can safely add closely related words without worrying.

Sprinkle them throughout your content and always make sure these keywords sound natural and make sense. Don’t make it awkward.

  • LSI empowers other keywords in your content
    Whether you’re building a website or writing a blog, keywords play a prominent role in SEO . LSI keywords acts as a supplement to those used in a content. LSI helps to strengthen the context and the relationship between your content and your topic..

Where To Get The Most Bang For Your LSI Buck!

  • Description Tags – Combine your main and LSI keywords to grab the eye of Google
  • Header Tags – Using LSI keywords in your headers will give context for Google to recognize.
  • Anchor Text – Use LSI keywords instead of just your main keyword
  • First and Last Paragraph – Helps strengthen and reinforce your message
  • Image Alt – Make sure image alt text contains LSI keywords

When it comes to your SEO game, it’s important to have all the pieces to play your best. LSI keywords are a key piece to getting the most out of your carefully crafted website.

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