Our Top 4 Tips for Making Sure Your Emails Mobile Friendly

Our Top 4 Tips for Making Sure Your Emails Mobile Friendly

Today more than 81% of emails are opened on mobile devices… that’s a lot.
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Today we’ll discuss four easy ways to make your emails more mobile friendly ASAP.

We’re all glued to our smartphones –

The average American spends more than 5 hours on their smartphones every day, hence over half of their emails being read on a mobile device.

So formatting your emails for mobile devices is more important than ever.

Here’s our top four tips to help make your emails look great on mobile devices:
1. Keep your email subject line short.

Thirty characters are your sweet spot. If you MUST make your email subject line longer, make sure the important stuff is at the beginning.

Pro tip: Begin your subject line with [Urgent] or [Action Required] when appropriate

2. Use a readable font that’s at least 14 pts.
3. Consider your pre-header text.
This is the text that displays at the very top of your email and can make up for the smaller subject line character count for mobile devices, as it allows up to 100-character lines to appear right underneath your unopened email’s subject.
4. Get to the point.

Have you ever tried reading one long email after another on your smartphone?
That’s an eye strain waiting to happen.

Readers are likely multitasking when they get your message on mobile. They are skimming down, not across (like you would with a book).

Let’s sum it up… Make your email easily scannable with headers, short paragraphs, lists, and bullet points.

Another pro tip?

Add a click to call link to your email by adding this HTML code to a URL link: “tel:1-800-800-800” (this is the HTML code for click-to-call.


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