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A Boutique Website and Search Engine Optimization Agency for Community Development Non-Profits

Websites and Search Engine Optimization (with project management!) for Maine's Community Development Non-Profits

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Corey Daigle, Founder WanderWeb Websites and Search Engine Optimization

Websites and Search Engine Optimization for Non-Profits

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Website and SEO Project Management

We understand that managing a website and SEO project can be a daunting task, especially for nonprofits that have limited resources. That’s why we take care of every aspect, from initial website design and development to ongoing content updates, performance monitoring, and search engine optimization.

We work closely with you to understand your non-profit’s unique goals and tailor our strategies accordingly, so your website reflects your mission and reaches the right audience.

With our dedicated project management, you can focus on what matters most: making a difference in the community, while we handle the technical aspects of your website and SEO to drive visibility, engagement, and support for your cause.

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