These three website photograph tricks are a game changer!

Ninja Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

You’ve probably heard us talk about a high-converting website’s two most essential components:

  1. Search engine optimization conversion copy (or SEO sales writing)
  2. Images that tell a story


Because Google eats with words, and buyers eat with their eyes (nom nom nom nom).

Here at WanderWeb, we specialize in SEO copywriting. But did you know we spend a LOT of time tweaking images for the websites we design?

Web Design Photo Tricks You Wish You Knew


In addition to making Google love you by tagging images for search engine optimization and considering site speed, we have to plan for landscape-style wide-screen computers and portrait-style mobile devices.

Curious How?

We got you!
Here are three of our go-to photo enhancing tricks we use on the regular (and a Bonus! Read to the end, so you don’t miss our favorite):

To start with, we partner with Story Silo Media for professional brand photography. Sarah and her team understand commercial photography and can anticipate what we will need to create a website that converts.

Image Ninja Trick #1: Use a gradient to add text over photos

It’s super tricky to add colored text over photos, so we generally stick to shades of white and black. If your text doesn’t show up well, don’t worry about it- add a gradient.
Bonus if your gradient covers up unsightly parts of the photo, like the cords showing in the below image with Caitlin.

Messy monitor
Caitlin gradient

Image Ninja Trick #2: Images that are placed closely to each other are assumed to be associated.

In the below image, you see Kelli at her computer, and you automatically assume that Kelli is the person writing the thank you note on the left.
You’ll also notice Kelli is gazing toward the image on the left, leading your eye-
Leading the eye is a crucial component of web design!

associated images
associated images arrow

Image Ninja Tip #3: Transparent images make great backgrounds!

We use Canva for our web design image enhancements.

power of transparency

As an added bonus, here is one of my very favorite free tools: where with a couple clicks you can go from…

pro photo

We hope these tricks and tips help you use images in your marketing! 

Happy editing!

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