Photography + Video

Reap The Benefits Of
Our In-Studio Partnership
with Story Silo Media

Producing Compelling and Engaging Photos and Videos That Grow Your Brand Right Here in the Heart of Bangor Maine

Through our in studio partnership with Story Silo Media, we bring you an impressive range of commercial photography and video production services for your branding purpose. You stand to benefit from the increase in web traffic as well as gain online visibility through this service. 

Websites which feature high-quality images get your audience interested in what you have to offer. High-quality images help consumers picture themselves using your product or experiencing the service you offer.  This is what motivates them to purchase the products or services.  This is why professional photography is so important. A precise, clear image will give a customer a quick delivery of what product you are selling, and help convert your sale.

Videos have endless possibilities in reaching out to your target market and engaging them. They are one of the most effective, fast and SEO-friendly media to communicate to your consumer base. If you have a video on your website or you have a dedicated channel for your business on YouTube, chances are the nearly 50% of these videos will get indexed in Google over other forms of content.