4 Secret Techniques To Looking Polished When Presenting [#1 is GENIUS]

This week we are going to talk about how to master the art of looking like you have it all together, even when those butterflies feel more like killer bees #Murder Hornets, #2020, #Mom’s Spaghetti.

Hashtags really don’t apply here, but you get the point.

While your words can tell your story, your actions/movements speak in a language all their own! They add those fine tiny details that bring so much more to what you’re saying – it’s like the toppings on top of the ice cream!

Here are four easy tips:

1. Give your hands something to do.

It’s easy to get nervous in front of others and try to make ourselves as tiny as possible – boxing ourselves, crossing our arms, and overall simply trying to disappear a little. Meet the humble clicker, which keeps your hands engaged, so your presentation feels more conversational.

I love the ones that have a built-in laser pointer because, well, they’re just fun to play with.

2. Avoid nervous body language.

I introduce you once again to my friend, the clicker, so you have something to do with your hands, which prevents common nervous gestures (see wringing your hands, cracking your knuckles, touching your face or hair, or biting your lips).

3. Get your steps in before you’re front and center.

Exercise improves your ability to focus, your mood, controls your blood pressure, and regulates anxiety. All incredibly beneficial things for a public speaker! And it’s a great way to rehearse your topic.

4. Limit yourself to one bag.

Did you know that people who carry more than one thing–such as a purse and a briefcase, or a briefcase and a coat, are perceived to be less organized and more forgetful?

Before going into a meeting or event, be sure to consolidate your bags, jackets, etc. so you don’t carry it in with you.

[BOTTOM LINE] Being nervous isn’t bad- it just means something important is happening. It only takes a few small tricks to look and feel more confident when eyes are on you.

Take a breath. Get ‘er done. Drop the mic.

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