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Relax Together

With the craziness of the holiday season among us, we’ve teamed up with our friend Lee at Kind Mind to teach us a bit about the importance of relaxing. Which can be a lot easier said than done sometimes (we know we’re a team of busy bodies here at The WanderWeb). Enjoy this blog from Lee, we hope you take some tips and tricks with you as we endure this busy time of year!

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Relax Together

Does anyone else feel that their sense of purpose and accomplishment comes from being busy? And when you are “lazy”, do you feel guilty about it?  For so many of us, productivity has this way of giving us feelings of satisfaction and wholeness. We are praised for creating and producing things from a very early age.

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This week is a perfect reminder of our need to rest. The clocks changed, our body clocks are out of whack, we aren’t getting our normal amount of sleep, and, the holidays are among us, everything is telling us to slow down and adjust. How about we model rest for our team? We want our team members to also take care of themselves, slow down and be rested. When you’re tired, that’s when production gets sloppy and errors occur. 

When we can model rest and relaxation for our team, friends, fellow entrepreneurs, and even family, and WITH our colleagues, it teaches them the importance of rest. Relaxing together with no agenda leads to a deeper connection, space for more conversation (your team and even family will likely open up in new ways), the blossoming of creativity, and emotional regulation. Take some time to slow down, take a deep breath, and remember that rest is also important for productivity!

This week, take time to rest together (as a family, with a colleague, with a pet or friend). Notice the connection, regulation, and creativity that comes from this time.

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