7 Ways to Repurpose a Blog

7 Ways to Repurpose your blog

So, you’ve spent all this time writing your blog, and it’s finally published! All that hard work you’ve poured into this piece of content deserves to be used as much as possible. Whether it was a fun topic, or something a little more important, you took your time piecing it together, now let’s get the most out of it. 

Repurposing your content can also be a great way to boost SEO. When you have multiple pieces of content that have similar targeted keywords, search engines will generally recognize your site as a source of authority and boost your rankings!

Here’s seven ways to repurpose a blog post:

1. Infographics

    Creating a visual aid to go along with your written content is always helpful for your audience. A lot of people tend to learn and remember things visually. Plus you can always post the infographics on social media too (which is a great segway to…)

    2. Social Media Post or Posts

    As mentioned above you can use your blogs as inspiration for social media posts. It could be a series of posts over time or a carousel for a single post. Posting on multiple platforms will only help spread the word.

    7 Ways to Reuse a blog Pin

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    3. Create Video Content

    Any topic worth writing about, is worth talking about as well. Sit down with your camera phone and just chat a bit about the topic in your blog, as you would in natural conversation. Then you can upload to YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok and/ or Facebook and make it easy for your customers/ audience to share and engage with!

    4. Repost on LinkedIn as a Separate Blog Post

    LinkedIn has a feature where you are able to upload “articles” on your profile. This is a great way to beef up your professional resume on LinkedIn and make it easy for your connections to share.

    5. Turn it into a Presentation

    Webinars are a great way to network and get your ideas out there! It’s a captive audience just anxious to see what you have to share. Turn that blog into a slideshow presentation and add it to the rolodex of teaching topics for your next webinar experience.

    6. Ebook

    This is a great option for long-form blogging. This is a way you can go into detail about each element and provide educational value to your customers/ audience.

    7. Podcast Topic

    Same idea as the video content, but just keep it to the audio here! Create a script and invite people to come and have a dialog with you. Great opportunity for collaboration.

    7 Ways to Repurpose your blog- Social

    Repurposing content helps you scale not only in terms of making the most out of your time by creating several ways to reach your audience with a singular piece of content. But by also reaching new audiences on different platforms that you might not have been able to otherwise. Now go forth and reuse, recycle and repurpose!!

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