Are you making these two responsive design mistakes? Find out here!

What is responsive web design? How can it help you? In this article, we’ll explain the whole concept behind responsive design and why it’s important.

Also, more size jokes inside.

There are countless examples of websites that badly-designed or non-responsive sites have ruined. But we’ve got Boo, so you don’t frustrate your customers with these rookie mistakes. 

This week I thought I would share my top four tips for making sure your website converts great to mobile devices. Because, as we discussed last week, the majority of people are searching online using their mobile devices. So you’ve got to win at this.  

Here are my top two (that’s right, just TWO) things to make sure the 60% of customers searching on their phones love your site.

Reason 1: 

Speed is a thing, too. 

As Chandler Bing stated, “It bodes well for me that speed impresses you.”

With that in mind, I ask, “Does your website load within three seconds?”

Because that’s all the time you have before 83% of mobile viewers bounce. 

Some of the things that could be slowing down your mobile website are:

  1. Images are not condensed
  2. Too many “heavy” elements like video 
  3. Cluttered code 

Reason 2: 

Aaand here we go with the size again…

Are your buttons and links big enough to tap with a finger (or thumb)? Because who has two thumbs and buying power??? YOUR CUSTOMER!

Are your headlines TOO BIG, or your font TOO SMALL? 

Landscape images look great on desktops but don’t translate to portrait views on phones. Do you have alternative images for mobile viewers? 

Don’t forget your forms!!! If it stays small, your customers will have to zoom in to fill it out, and nobody has time for that. 

Stay out of the pool kids. 

Need some help? No big, it’s an easy fix and we’re just an email away. 

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