Reviews 101: Google Reviews

Reviews 101 Google Reviews

Our discussion about reviews continues! If you missed our last two blogs, we covered how to pick the right client and how to ask the right questions, we highly recommend reading. All the information in this series goes hand in hand!

Why are Google reviews so important?

  • The more reviews, the more leads
  • Positive reviews = more purchases
  • Higher rankings on Google
  • “Free” advertising

Google Reviews Helps With Rankings and Revenue


Here at The WanderWeb we are all about increasing your online presence and upping your SEO game. Google plays a huge role in that. That being said, she (she being Google), can be a picky beast sometimes. There are a few things you have to get in order, before you can obtain any Google reviews:

  1. You must follow Google’s Terms of Service before you can solicit reviews
  2. Your business must be a “Place” on Google
  3. Your Google My Business profile must be verified

Once you’ve completed those steps, you can begin requesting reviews from your customers/ clients!

Our best advice is to MAKE IT EASY. The harder it is for people to leave your business a review, the less likely they are to do it. Create a quick Google review link shortcut that will lead people right to your Google Business page. You can also add a section on your website where people can leave reviews. At The WanderWeb we do both, but also have an email format that we send out to clients:

Thank you again for choosing the WanderWeb and trusting us to help you grow your business.
And please don’t hesitate to reach out in the future if you need us again!
As you may know, many people like you rely on online reviews to make sure they get the best service possible, and we know we offer something special. We like to think we are the Disney of Web Developers.
With that said, would you please take a few minutes to leave us a testimonial on our Google Page?
We will do a review for you too!

Here are some questions that will get you started:

  1. What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to working with the WanderWeb?
  2. How did that challenge make you feel?
  3. What changed after working with the WanderWeb?
  4. What specific results can you share?
  5. What would you say to somebody on the fence?
  6. Anything else to add?

As discussed in our last blog, asking the right questions can take a good review to a great review. Also above, you’ll see that we have a link sending clients right to our Google Business profile. Have to practice what we preach!

Studies show that 86% of customers are willing to write a review. The opportunity is there, so let’s get those Google reviews!

Great news! WanderWeb is currently accepting clients for web design and local search engine optimization, and we would love your referral.

Here’s the link to a free 15-minute consultation to use or share.

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