Road mapping your business goals – It’s not flashy, but it works.

What do you need to know about road mapping to grow your business?

If your life feels like a whirlwind of good ideas and plans, but you’re still unsure where you want to take your business, check out this post. 

I have a question for you- 

What are you working on TODAY that does not help you achieve the highest vision for your business? 

Let’s make sure each task on your calendar is designed to move the needle. 

Have you heard about using road mapping to grow your business?

For small businesses, the journey typically begins with a vague plan. Unlike a business plan, road mapping helps clarify the most efficient steps to take to grow.  

What road mapping isn’t: 

A 40-page business plan that you throw in a drawer and never look at again. 

What road mapping is:

A SMART action plan for getting sh*t done.

There are a lot of things you can do to grow your business. But sometimes, we take it for granted that we know what we’re doing and blindly go for it.

A business road map is a visual timeline of your most important goals and strategies to get you there. 

For example, a roadmap for a business looking to scale highlights the essential tasks that contribute to specific revenue targets or fundraising goals.

Creating a roadmap and goal-setting process for your business is something that every entrepreneur should know how to do. In my opinion, it’s the best way to make measurable progress towards your objectives. 

This month we will be sharing tips and tricks on how to get CLARITY and develop a roadmap that works for you. Of course, we are always here to help you brainstorm. Many of our clients bring us in to facilitate roadmap planning. 

Here’s an example of a roadmap we created for a client. Each step has multiple action items not shown here. 

This is an executive-level roadmap that indicates high-level goals to measure progress: 
TimelinePlanned Deliverable 
Immediate Obtain funding > $500k
3 monthGet product shelf-ready
6 monthStorefront open, product on shelves
1 yearInitial product launched instore and onlinePositive cash flowEstablish an operating reserveBegin shareholder distribution
2 yearNational distribution National online sales
2-4 yearEstablish product at major retailers Specific retailer 1Specific retailer 2
5 yearSell business for > $20 million

Growing a business is hard. We’re here to help identify their challenges, develop creative solutions, and accomplish your business goals.

road mapping

Here’s what our most recent business strategy clients had to say:

“Corey has been absolutely fantastic to work with.  As a small business owner, it was time for me take a deep breath and think about strategy for 2021 and beyond.  Corey brought a keen business sense and some great suggestions for improvements for the growth of my business.”

-K. Barbee, Barbee Business Services

“I signed up for a 30 minute virtual SEO consultation with Corey and I was AMAZED at how much value I received in that short amount of time! After our conversation, Corey sent me a complete overview and the recorded zoom session we had. I will definitely be reaching out to her again in the future.”

-L. Michaud, The Maine Square

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