Forgot How to Plan Your Business Roadmap? Here’s a Reminder

This week I challenge you to take a step back and think about your business in total- see the big picture and set the right priorities. 

Not just today but also six months from now, a year from now, and five years from now.  You got this. 

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that planning is crucial, but it’s hard. Too often, we get so caught up with planning, we forget to actually do it. Perfect gets in the way of progress and all that. 

Planning is crucial to any business’s success.

Roadmapping is an essential step in growing any sized business; it’s all about setting goals and measuring progress, tracks milestones, strategies, and resources by setting your big efforts to timelines. 

Your well-designed roadmap will lay out a plan of action.

Last week I showed you a super high-level CEO-type roadmap. Today let’s look at how to use roadmapping in other ways (don’t worry, I am excited enough for both of us!).  

I talked with my girl Heather Lux about the big efforts her company True North Beauty made for their new hand cream product launch (by the way, sign up for her Love Letter, it’s “love”ly). Here are the CEO level launch efforts for her latest launch, roadmapped just for Y.O.U.

By Month 2Validate market need
By Month 6Prototype, customer feedback, and adjustments complete
At Month 6Engage marketing team and packaging design 
By Month 9Marketing plan and packaging design complete
By Month 12Product ready for market
And now it’s time to PARTAAY.

Let’s see how each phase can be broken down further by roadmapping the Digital Marketing Plan (that’s my bag, baby), which starts at the end of month two in the above hand cream product launch roadmap:

By month 1Establish buyer persona, keyword research, SEO audit
By month 2High-value marketing channels defined (for example, email marketing, Instagram, TikTok)
By month 6Marketing assets complete: Home page redesignNewsletter sign up Blog post developmentsVideo with lead captureSocial media campaignsInfluencer outreach program Trade shows scheduled 
By month 7Launch marketing assetsSales team – ENGAGE!
By month 9Analysis and Retargeting 
Month 10!!!It’s LAUNCH time! Pop the bubbly!!!

There are two kinds of people. Those who do and those who talk. 

Be a doer and experience the success you deserve with a roadmap. 

And don’t bother looking back… all you’ll see is dust.

Are you looking for a facilitator to help you clarify internal challenges, develop creative solutions, and accomplish your business goals? 
We got you.

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