Omg! The Best Blog Mini Course Ever!

Omg! The Best Blog Mini Course Ever!

WanderWeb partnered with Maine’s Small Business Development Center to offer this free blog mini-course so, of course, I am sharing it with you! 

In this one hour mini-course we chat about:

If a blog is worth your time.

What to write about. 

How to make it fun to read. 

How to know what your audience wants.

How to get your stuff found.

A bunch of free tools we love, use, and recommend.

Free Blog Course Inside


And, most importantly, how to get the MOST out of every stinking piece of content you create.


Blogging for Small Businesses Webinar

Blogging has evolved from sharing links in the ’90s to built-in marking platforms!

Nevertheless, how do you know if your small business needs a blog? In this Maine SBDC webinar, special guest Corey Zimmerman of The Wander Web will be going over the best platforms for publishing, how often you should post, and probably most importantly how to know what to blog about!

Want to know more about blogging?

Check out our 8-week workshop Blog Like A Boss

Our mission is to help businesses grow.

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