Want to say goodbye to phone/email tag? Here’s how!

In this blog, I’m going to show you the most direct way to schedule your meetings (even interviews!) the first time with no back and forth emails.

Because is the time you spend planning meetings really valuable use of your most precious resource? 

I bet you have an email string just like this sitting in your inbox: 

Requester: Do you have time this week to meet and review [topic]?
Invitee: Sure, how about Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning?
Requester: I’m free between 1pm and 4pm EST on Wednesday.
Invitee: Gotcha, let’s go with 3:30pm Wednesday.
Requester: I have a hard stop at 4pm, can you do 3pm?
Invitee:  No problem!
Requester: Awesome, thank you! What’s the best way to reach you?
Invitee: (123) 123–1234, please send me a calendar invite.

Last week, we talked all about time blocking, and today we’re taking it to the next level!

So scheduling looks like THIS instead of THAT

Requester: Do you have time this week to meet and review [topic]?
Invitee: Sure, here’s a link to schedule at a time that works with your calendar. 

I’m sharing my favorite solution to manage your calendar, guard your time, and accomplish more high-impact work: 

Automated Scheduling.

This is how using scheduling automation has improved my efficiency: 

  • Automated confirmation and reminders reduce no-show rates.
  • Payments are collected upfront (no manual invoicing!)
  • A fillable form sets up screening parameters and expectations, as well as provides the information I need.
  • Automatically blocks extra time before or after meetings so I can prepare/wrap up.
  • Limits the number of meetings per day (even by type!) 
  • Set a minimum scheduling threshold to avoid last-minute meetings.

And it will for you, too. I show you how in this video:

Loom Video: How I use Dubsado for scheduling and use my website to schedule meetings

Dubsado is a complete Customer Relationship Management tool designed for creative entrepreneurs and my virtual business bestie.  I use it for client management, signable contracts, fillable forms, workflow automation, invoicing, and scheduling- I love it for its affordability.  

If you’re interested in Dubsado, sign up for their 14-day trial- no credit card required. Then, use the code “wanderweb” for 20% off.

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