Secret Zoom settings so you look great even when you still have your jammie pants on?

Did you know that faces are attractive to humans? Yours is no exception!​

When you’re giving online presentations, a super-easy way to up your likability factor is to simply show your face (remember to wave!). So make sure your settings are adjusted so your face is showing while you are speaking.​

But we can do better than that! Read on and you’ll have everything you need to take your Zoom game to the next level in two minutes or less.​

If you only do ONE thing, make this quick, easy camera adjustment:

Raise your camera to angle slightly down at you: think about the camera as being right at your hairline, and have it pointed down at your eyes. Nothing too extreme, but enough to give you the most flattering angle of view.

Here are two super helpful, but little known about, Zoom settings that will make you look so good no one will know you still have your jammie pants on. ?

​1. Did you know about “wide-angle face”?

Cameras on smartphones and webcams are wide-angle, so you will look distorted if you get too close to it, and “up the nose” isn’t the best angle for anyone.​

The easiest way to fix “wide-angle face” is by backing up your webcam! Bonus, this allows viewers to see your hand gestures (one of the most important nonverbal cues for charisma), so back up as far as you can while still reaching your keyboard!​

But what about in places where space is limited? No problem!

There’s a setting for that- here’s how you use it:

​2. Get Your “Camera Face” Ready!

This feels like a good time to remind you that Zoom has a special feature, specifically to make you look better.​

There’s a “touch up my appearance” option in the Zoom desktop app that applies some skin smoothing. It’s not perfect, but I know plenty of people who like the fact that it covers up blemishes and gives them a little more of a “ready for primetime” look. A look that isn’t complete without your dazzling smile!​

[BOTTOM LINE] Follow these helpful tips to have a stellar virtual presence during your presentations!

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