How Much Does SEO Cost?


Our mission at WanderWeb is to help businesses grow, so we’re big fans of long-term gains over short-term wins.  Why? Because short-term wins often end up costing more in the long term! That’s why we have a massive crush on search engine optimization (SEO). 

Here’s how to SEO in a way that sets your business up for success. 

It all starts with a plan. A SEO plan.

The biggest hurdle to getting the best value from SEO efforts is to define what success looks like for your business. Be strategic by setting a clear goal and what it will take to get you there. 

Prioritize your efforts. Map that sh#t out.

Here at WanderWeb, we specialize in helping brick-and-mortar businesses get found online. We recommend the following powerful SEO strategies for most business locations:  

SEO Red Flag:

Any reputable agency will start by learning about your specific situation and what you’re trying to achieve.

Set your SEO Goals with KPIs and ROI

This is where analytics come in. Here are a few indicators we work with our clients to establish: 

Without understanding KPIs and ROI, you can’t determine if your SEO budget makes sense OR measure if your SEO is working over time

Speaking of time…

Investing in SEO is like planting a tree. While it takes time to grow, the results are evergreen, building upon themselves for years to come. 

The proof’s in the data: 

Average SEO Traffic Growth Over Time

Decide how feisty you want to get, SEO style

If you can see ROI connected with your SEO goals, you can start thinking about how aggressive you want to be. 

We typically see three levels:

  1. Foundation: Building a solid presence with the SEO basics.
  2. Growth: Looking to grow more aggressively in a competitive market. 
  3. Domination: Businesses who want to dominate their market.  

View our SEO packages with pricing here.

Determine the resources you’ll need for SEO success

Once you have your strategy in place, evaluate what can be done in-house and where you need to outsource to experts. 

While you can measure exactly what your outsourcing costs are, internal resources can be tricky to quantify. For internal resources, consider time and ability; you may need to hire more resources.  

The most common reason a business doesn’t do well with SEO is they aren’t consistent and patient.

In our experience, in-house SEO tasks get placed on the back burner. By SEO tasks, I mean content every month, focusing on optimizing website code, growing backlinks, etc.

When outsourcing, ensure you fully understand the scope of work so you’re not surprised by hidden costs. 

A budget + an SEO plan = priceless

With these recommendations, you should have a basic idea of the potential returns and costs of SEO. SEO takes a lot of work, but the return on investment is huge. You have to be patient, put in the years, and be consistent. 

That’s how you win in the long run.

See how WanderWeb can drive traffic to your business.

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