What is SEO?


Have you ever wondered how Google manages to provide the best answers to your search queries? 

Let me introduce you to Ms. Google, your local librarian. She has read every book (or website) in the library (internet). You ask for a book about how to train your puppy (search query), and Ms. Google returns with a few book recommendations (search results). You check out one (a click!) and pass on the others. The librarian (Google) is more likely to recommend that book next time.

That, my friend, is the concept of Search Engine Optimization.

Why is this important? Because Google is a business, and it wants people to keep coming back. It does that by giving searchers the best results for their queries.

So… how the heck do you please the Google gods? 

Customer-Centric SEO: The Key to Google's Heart

Customer-Centric SEO: The Key to Google’s Heart

Know Your Customer:

  • At WanderWeb, we spend a lot of time in Discovery, learning about our client’s businesses and getting into the heads of their customers. Why? Because the business that knows their customer the best is the business that wins.

Craft Relevant Content:

  • Whether it’s blog posts, product descriptions, or informative guides, creating content that grabs your customers by the eyeballs and makes them click click click.

Optimize for User Experience:

  • Websites that load quickly, are mobile-friendly, and offer simple navigation are more likely to rank higher. Why? Because ain’t nobody got time for anything but that.

Keyword Strategy:

  • Keywords are the language of search, so aligning your keyword strategy with customer intent increases your chance of being Google’s top pick.

Build Trust and Authority:

  • Google values websites that are perceived as trustworthy. This means deep, rich content written in a way that delights your customer and Google can understand.

Rank on Google WanderWeb-style

When you prioritize understanding your customers, your content seamlessly aligns with Google’s mission to deliver the best answers. 

Curious about the ways WanderWeb can boost your online presence? 

Curious about the ways WanderWeb can boost your online presence?

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