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Content Creation

IMPROVE your SEO with consistent blog posts, social media content, and email campaigns.

A key element to any SEO strategy is content creation. But creating content can be extremely time-consuming, which means it often gets pushed to the side for busy business owners.

Our SEO success package helps you create consistent content to share online through email marketing campaigns, blogging, and social media. Not only does creating engaging content help improve your SEO, but it also appeals to new and existing customers/clients. Our social media strategy aims to increase your SEO by linking back to your website within every post.

Blog posts provide website content changes, which are beneficial for Search Engine Rankings and keep your visitors informed of your latest services or customer success stories. All posts will be designed to increase organic SEO results, provide content for Social Media, and generate content for newsletters. Services and towns may be targeted for optimum ranking presence.

Prices starting at:

$ 995 00
Per month
  • 1 blog
  • 2 social media posts a week on 3 platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin)
  • 1 email newsletter
  • Additional blogs can be added for a separate price.

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SEO is the process of making your website easier for your customers to find using search engines (like Google).

SEO includes on- and off-page SEO: On-page Search Engine Optimization: Make your website’s content easy for Google to rank in search engines.

Off-page Optimization: Increase your website’s authority by building back links or getting a click from outside your site

Google uses bots to crawl all the pages on the web, going from site to site, collecting information about those pages, and putting them in a giant library considering hundreds of ranking factors.

Understanding how search engines collect data about your site can help you rank higher. We help optimize your website content, hierarchy, images, speed, and more for better search rankings so customers can find and buy from you!

Are you dreaming of a website that’ll bring in loads of business?​

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“I am so happy to be working with the WanderWeb team and building my company through intelligent and thoughtful SEO and web design that really DRIVES my business goals!”
Erik Quick
Business owner, Mobile AVC
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