Four Easy [and FREE] Ways to Show Customers Some Love

By spending just a little bit of time expressing gratitude to your customers for their business, their support, and their feedback, you can build stronger customer loyalty. 

Here are four FREE ways to show your customers some love:

1. Shoutouts on social media 

Featuring customers on social media is a pleasant way to say, “we see what you’re doing, and we support you!” Whether it’s to say thank you for joining, retweeting their success story, or sharing an initiative they need help promoting, talking about your customers has so many advantages. 

Customers are thrilled for the exposure, it’s practically free for you, and you also get some benefit from being tangentially involved in your clients’ success. 

2. Personalized videos

Videos are gaining popularity as a common way to personalize interactions with customers. They feel very genuine because they can’t be “faked” or even automated. Customers know that you took the time to record something just for them, and that feels special.

Use a video to say thank you for their recent purchase or to respond to a customer service question. Make sure to personalize it and speak directly to the customer for maximum effect. 

3. Handwritten Thank You Notes

This traditional way of saying thank-you works so well because it feels like something from another time. Because so few people send handwritten letters anymore, taking the time to write out a physical note stands out. It’s more meaningful than a bulk email, but it’s still a cost-effective way to provide a little something extra. 

Get tips on how to make your note feel extra extra extra special here.

4. Referrals

The truth is this: there’s a standout winner to show customer appreciation that can’t be touched by any other method. Referrals for the WIN! And, referrals require no financial investment on your part, but they bring in very valuable warm leads for your clients.

[Bottom Line] Appreciating customers makes them feel valued and not disposable. They know that your business will keep them in mind when making decisions, and they will do the same for you!

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