Social Proof Shenanigans: the key to winning customers


Recently I met with a potential client recommended to us by a trusted advisor. And guess what? Within 15 minutes of our meeting she said, “Sounds good, send me a contract”.

That, my friend, is the power of social proof.

When you scroll to the bottom of the Amazon page to read the reviews before purchasing; You’re cruising a pricing page and seeing that an industry giant is already using the tool; You sign up for a demo because you see the tool solved the exact problem you have for a similar company… that’s all social proof.

And we’re not keeping secrets. Today, we’re sharing practical steps to incorporate social proof into your marketing strategy. Because even your business needs a fan club.

Winning Hearts: How Social Proof Can Catapult Your Small Business

Did you know that 88% of shoppers are influenced by online testimonials? Imagine navigating a website and stumbling upon a glowing recommendation from a respected industry expert—it’s the magic touch of social proof.

Your Social Proof Playbook

Case Studies

Highlight your B2B expertise with compelling case studies that showcase problem-solving prowess and tangible results. Brag a bit, it’s allowed.


Share satisfied customer experiences with concise and impactful testimonials that capture attention. We go into detail on best practices for using testimonials here.

Pro tip- Edit testimonials to highlight experiences and outcomes

Product Reviews

Products with positive reviews often stand out in search results and online sales pages, increasing the visibility of your brand and products.


Bolster your credibility and experience, such as the number of customers served or years of combined expertise. And if your product or service has proof of outcome, use that too!

Trust Icons

Decrease your abandon cart rate with security logos and icons on checkout pages. And ALWAYS make sure your website has an active security certificate (indicated by the lock in the search bar).

So go ahead… ask for a review! A positive review can be the first step in building a long-term relationship with a customer.

Are you leveraging social proof in your business? No? We can help! Let's connect for a conversation and elevate your digital impact.

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